Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Last weekend

Before a few days , we had a nice holiday it was a national day holiday and the Eid holiday , so i went to many places .

First of all i went to the desert with my friends and rent some moterbiycle .

Afew days later we went to Dubai Mall in Dubai to see the biggest mall in the world , it's a nice mall and big , but we get tired because we walked along time there , we saw the fish pool and it's amazing acually .

Here are some imformation about the mall

The Dubai Mall will be home to just about every major fashion brand in the world. A 440,000 square feet Fashion Avenue comprising high and mid-fashion will pay homage to haute couture.
The grand decor complements the endless rows of elite fashion names, and aficionados will be spoilt for choice as they match and accessorize to their heart's content. Adorned with the world's largest collection of fashion brands under one roof, The Dubai Mall is set to become the next fashion capital of the world.

There is also 5-star Hotel with 250 rooms and 450 serviced apartments and 14,000 undercover car park spaces are available to meet an expected 30 million visitors to the mall within its first year of trade.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

My enjoyable week

Last week i went with my friends to the desert to rent sme motorbike from a place called al Otheeb , it's on emirates road after the exit of the road , it was a nice trip and we enjoyed alot ,also we did amazing thing's over there .

i went with my friend's and some of them from the college and the other's from my town .

We arrived over there at 4 pm after noon and we left from there at 6.30 pm after we had a awonderful time .

there were many people over there and we had some difficult to find a motorbike and rent it .

We enjoyed our time and we are thinking to go there again but next time in winter .

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

the worst thing happen to me

Before Umm a year ago when I got my driving liseince in the first day's i was so scared of driving and i just drove around my house area beacause i didn't know how is the situation out side the ways and the high way's.

So one time in ramadan when i bring the food from the resturant i did a small acciedent with another car and car was new so i was so nervous when i did the accident .

Before a month i did another accident also but i did it my self , i didn't saw the pavement and i crash it and it smake the tire of my car but it was not dangerous

Thursday, October 23, 2008

the field trip

It was a nice trip for me to come to your company an learn new things about our course. I was enjoyed in this trip a lot , the company has a nice group of stuff and I enjoyed the trip.

They was a nice people and they give us also there busi card to contact them if we need something from them

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Advice for a visitor to the UAE

Dear Friend
How are you ? I’m fine , I’m sending this email to tell about your visit to UAE .
In the first you should have to bring all your necessary stuff with you like your passport and money .
Also you have to book in a hotel before you arrive to the airport , it will be a nice holiday with you
You shouldn’t drink any kind of beer or other stuff also drugs because it’s not allowed in UAE .
You should bring your summer cloth because the weather here is so hot and dry ,
We’ll go to many places in UAE like ski Dubai in emirates mall , the weather there is to cold so you should rent a jacket and gloves . Also there are many kinds of restaurant like India and many more .

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

About Ramadan

Dear Ali,
How are you ? I’m fine , I write this letter to tell you about Ramadan the month of the holy Quran. In Ramadan people do a lot of nice things like visiting their family and staying out until midnight .Also they play volleyball for a late time in the night . People will go to the malls after they end their food and some of them stay at home watching TV because they show many nice TV series .

About me and what I do in Ramadan I usually wake up about 7:15 am and be ready to go to the college , and I arrive there and start my classes at 9am until 2:35 pm and then I go back to home and take a nap until the sun set to start eating again . After I finish I pray and watch the TV for a few hours and then I go out with my friends .

The last thing that I want to tell you about is what does Ramadan mean to me . It mint a lot for me or people also , for me it’s a holy month that the paradise doors come open and the hell doors are closed . In this month I pray and read Quran a lot , Sometimes I stay a lot of time in the mosque reading the Quran.

I wait to hear from you again .
See you .


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